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    EDGE AFRICA extension program has an interesting agricultural PRODUCE ENHANCEMENT FORMULA.. An organic liquid fertilizer.and am elated about introducing this formula to your farm. FARM PRODUCE ENHANCEMENT FORMULA.. SUPER GRO ORGANIC FERTILIZER/ADJUVANT /SURFACTANT/WETING AGENT Super Gro is a very wonderful natural liquid fertilizer which has now been brought to your doorstep to ensure the enhancement of your crops and agricultural productivity both in quality and quantity. It is a natural fertilizer that will increase your agricultural yield more than three times of what you do obtain from that of synthetic or chemical fertilizer that you are used to. Super Gro is a 100% organic liquid fertilizer, which is made from poultry droppings and sea bird guano. Being made from organic matter with absolutely no chemicals added to it, it is 100% safe to use on any vegetables and of course the rest of your garden. Super Gro can be applied to any plant, tree, vegetable and even grass that require fertilization. Super Gro was started about fifteen years ago on the West Coast of South Africa. Its main ingredient being seabird guano gets collected from eight different sites along the West Coast under supervision of the South African Nature Conservation, to ensure that all of the birds and their nesting sites stay protected and minimal disturbance takes place. After the guano is dried Tests done on this product reflect the following composition of macro and micro elements; • Nitrogen (N) 72g per litre (Macro) • Phosphorus (P) 45g per litre (Macro) • Potassium (K) 30g per litre (Macro) • Sulphur (S) 15g per litre (Macro) • Calcium (CA) 9g per litre (Macro) • Magnesium (MG) 7g per litre (Macro) • Iron (FE) 5mg per litre (Micro) • Iodine (IoD) 3mg per litre (Micro) • Marine Salt (MS) 1mg per litre (Micro) • Zinc (Zn) 1mg per litre (Micro) Super Gro, as the name suggests, is the most wonderful natural liquid fertilizer ever produced for agro industry.

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    Thinking of a way to increase your farm harvest and reduce cost on fertilizer inputs? Then use King Humus today! The results are fulfilling. 》Increase in harvest 》Healthier farm produce 》More economical to use 》Improves soil nutrients retention 》Improves farmer’s happiness. Why Use Humic Acid? Today, there is a recognized and increasing use of humic acids for their beneficial impact on the growth and cultivation of crops (vegetable & non-vegetable), citrus, turf, flowers, and particularly in organically-deficient soils. Humic acid is not a fertilizer as it does not directly provide nutrients to plants, but is a compliment to fertilizer. Benefits include: • Addition of organic matter to organically-deficient soils • Increase root vitality • Improved nutrient uptake • Increased chlorophyll synthesis • Better seed germination • Increased fertilizer retention • Stimulate beneficial microbial activity • Healthier plants and improved yields.

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