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  • Sandless Crayfish

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    Sold by: Chucks Ben

    Looking for clean, sandless and tasty crayfish? Look no further. Amandafoods, a subsidiary of Regina ventures, Registered with CAC, has come to meet your needs. We supply fresh, clean and tasty crayfish from Oron and deliver anywhere in Nigeria. We supply in bags for commercial purposes as well as smaller quantities for home use and small scale businesses. Exportation option also available. Order for our crayfish at a very affordable price.

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  • Sold by: Chucks Ben

    I have smoke fish for sale all year round. It does not go out of stock cos I am a catfish farmer. 1 kg dry weight is N3,200. mine is unique because it is very matured I.e 6mths above not melange so the meat is thick, tasty and can’t shrink like melange. it has also gone through the normal life cycle of 6mths. it is river pond raised that’s very healthy and natural and recommended for aged and pregnant women. it is 1kg size and above on live weight so not runted fish. properly degilled and seasoned. shelve life 3months. can be used for serving per meal cos it is cut not round. very affordable when compared to others.

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  • Sold by: Chucks Ben

    We sell fast growing and healthy catfish seeds such as post fingerlings and juveniles. Our seeds are Clarias gariepinus of standard sizes, well graded, healthy and affordable. Our farm is at Governors Road, Ikotun, Lagos. Our catfish post-fingerlings are hatched from healthy adults and can attain a weight of 1.5kg-3kg within 3-5 months. Buy from us and get free after sales support and consultations on farm management best practices and fish disease treatment.

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