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Agromarche has agricultural Services staffs who provide organic farming, gardening, and marketing assistance to growers. Whether you’re growing acres of vegetables, raising organic livestock, or planting your first garden, we are here to help you succeed! Our business model requires that we be the best animal and crop production specialists in Nigeria. Our agricultural Services does not merely sell crop input commodities. We sell total aniaml and crop products that provides our customers the best total value for money spent on farming in additional to profit maximization.

Soil Preparation

All plants need a rich soil in other for growth agromarche will assist you in preparing your soil by amending your soil, testing your soil ph, know your npk etc

Farm labourer

Agromarche provide you with efficient farm labourers

Lease of farm lands

Agromarche assist with the lease of farm lands in different part of Nigeria

Agricultural investments

Agromarche create for agricultural investors. for more productivity and sustainability. For food to become cheaper and more plentiful, agriculture must become more productive, more efficient and more sustainable. This calls for enormous investment volumes.

Farm Machine operators

Agromarche will provide you farm machine operators that will:

1)Drives and operates one or more farm machines, such as tractors, trucks, and harvesters to perform specified farm activity as cutting hay, picking cranberries, and harvesting wheat: Hitches soil conditioning implement, such as plow or harrow to tractor, and operates tractor and towed implement to furrow and grade soil.

2) Drives tractor and operates designated towed machine, such as seed drill or manure spreader, to plant, fertilize, dust, and spray crops.

3) Prepares harvesting machine by adjusting speeds of cutters, blowers, and conveyors and height of cutting head or depth of digging blades according to type, height, weight, and condition of crop being harvested, and contour of terrain.